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An incorrect translation will hurt the reputation of your firm and impair the marketing of your product.  Therefore, there is a need for translators who assure translation quality and who possess real contact with technical jargon.


In the specific case of patents, it is very important to master both technical and legal language and the broadly used argot therein, for instance, “those with knowledge in the art”, “claims”, “matter”, et al.


The types of text we translate include:

  • resumes
  • patents
  • electrical and electronic inventions
  • pharmaceutical documents
  • medicine documents
  • oil industry documents
  • handbooks
  • software programs
  • manuals for parts and machinery
  • pharmaceutical information
  • information brochures
  • etc.

There are just a few translators with this level of experience and responsibility to face these kind of projects and we are proud of having them on our team.  Their experience and professionalism will provide your firm and product with a professional image in any of the languages you need.

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